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Prompt: The day Lydia comes to school with a hickie is the day everyone finds out about her and Stiles relationship.

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Pairing: Lydia/Stiles, Stydia

Authors note: So this is my second prompt for Stydia, people seemed to like my other one. So i hope you enjoy. :) If you want…


Stydia au:     

     Lydia is heartbroken when stiles finally tells her what happened with Malia back at Eichen house and although he was honest she can’t find it in her heart to forgive him. That’s when stiles finally gives up and confesses his true feelings to the one girl he can’t live without. 

(a sweet au to make my fellow stydia shippers feel a little better about the whole stalia thing)

Stydia AU: Stiles Stilinski is a young Doctor at the Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, working with his friend Melissa Mccall. He is soon to be one of the best Doctors the hospital has ever seen, until something makes him lose his focus…

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AU where Lydia is the new girl at school and she becomes best friends with a popular Allison though when she meets Stiles, a geeky kid, they instantly fall in love


Here you go anon! It’s a little short but I hope you still enjoy!

Lydia wasn’t used to being so… Uneasy. Starting in a new school, a new town, a new life. She didn’t like it. Not one bit. In fact, she probably would have moved back in with her father if she didn’t know someone in Beacon Hills. 

She had met her on an online chat room around two years ago. Allison Argent was her name. Lydia and Allison became friends instantly and when Lydia told Allison that she was moving to Beacon hills, Allison almost screamed. It was where Allison lived and Lydia felt much better about moving there. Still, as she tapped her heels, waiting for Allison to come pick her up for school, she couldn’t help but feel nervous. Lydia was practically shaking in her heels. She was so nervous that when a knock came at the door she jumped in fear.

"Shit," She hissed. Taking in a breath she opened the door, looking at Allison. Allison squealed and threw herself on her friend. Lydia laughed and hugged her back. Despite seeing each other the other day, and the day before that, Allison couldn’t seem to get over the fact that Lydia was here. 

"Okay… Okay, sorry." Allison said as she pushed off of Lydia with a smile. Lydia ran her hand through her hair quickly, nervously picking. Allison gave Lydia a knowing look but didn’t say anything. Instead, she said, "So, my boyfriend usually gets a ride from his friend but his Jeep is in the shop so we’ll have to squeeze."

Lydia could feel her heart pick up speed and she suddenly wanted to run away. Meeting even more people? No. No, she could not do that. Allison clearly saw the panic on her face and she reached out to grip her shoulders. 

"Lydia. Calm down. It’s fine. Besides, you’ve already met Scott over Skype. Stiles is so talkative that you won’t even have to talk to him, he’ll carry the conversation on his own," Allison told her. Lydia let out a breath she was holding and nodded her head. Might as well face it now. 

Allison gave her another quick hug then walked out. Lydia looked in the mirror hanging behind the door, making sure she looked perfect, before walking out of the house. When she walked out she saw Scott laughing with another guy. Lydia couldn’t help her eyes from trailing up and down his body. 

The boy was flailing about, like he was trying to talk with his body. She smiled curiously as she saw the Lanky boy do a funny dance. The boy jumped around, making Scott roll in on himself from laughing. Lydia took a second to notice that the boy had stopped dancing in favour of gaping at her. 

Lydia’s eyes widened and she felt like she needed to go back and change into something that was prettier. 

"Scott, you know Lydia. Stiles, this is Lydia. Lydia, Stiles." Allison introduced. 

The two ignored her introduction. Stiles kept on staring at her, Lydia doing the same, until Scott coughed awkwardly. Stiles broke out from his daze and stumbled forward.

"Uh- hi," Stiles said as he offered her his hand, "I’m… I’m Stiles."

Lydia smiled widely at him, “I know.” She took his hand and shook it, dropping it a second later. Stiles’ cheeks turned red from embarrassment, causing Lydia to feel a warmth in her stomach. 

"Yeah… Yeah, cause… cause Allison just said it. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, I’m just gonna- I’m just gonna stop talking now." Stiles sputtered out. Lydia let out a quiet giggle. Allison was right, he really could carry a conversation by himself.

"I wouldn’t dream of it," Lydia purred as she found her confidence again. Stiles jaw went slack as he tried to think of a response. Lydia walked past him and to the car. 

"Wait, what else would you dream about?" Stiles cried out.


Oh My My My → A Stydia AU/Fanfiction-ish 
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Oh My My My → A Stydia AU/Fanfiction-ish 

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Can someone please do a stydia au gifset including the phone facetiming or whatever part from last episodes but lydia is at work and stiles is struggling with baby claudia and shes crying and doesn’t know what to do? Therefore calling lydia and they’re both practically panicking on the phone bc that would be nice

b l u e   jeans   w h i t e   shirt   …
                          you   know    y o u    m a d e    m y    e y e s    b u r n .

AULydia’s mom decides to take her on a much-needed vacation for spring break, but all she can think about is her boyfriend back home who Skypes her every day and how much she wishes she was home in his arms. 


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